Rachel Russo

A dating & relationship expert and matchmaker

Rachel Russo

A dating & relationship expert and matchmaker


Rachel Russo, a dating and relationship expert and matchmaker, reached out to us to improve and revamp the design of her website. Rachel provides matchmaking services and frequently publishes exclusive tips on her blog about dating and love relationships.

Our initial recommendation was a complete website redesign, as we wanted to focus on creating a professional and authoritative image for Rachel’s brand. We worked closely with Rachel to understand her vision and goals for the website, as well as the needs of her target audience. We also analyzed her blog content and optimized it for search engines and user engagement.

One of our challenges was creating a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate. We worked with Rachel to create a user-friendly layout to help visitors quickly find the information they sought. We also incorporated eye-catching visuals and graphics to make the website more engaging and attractive.

Once we completed the redesign, Rachel was happy with the results. The new website represented her brand and services, providing potential clients with a more professional and authoritative image. The website’s user-friendly layout and engaging visuals also helped to improve user engagement and increase visitors’ time on the site.

Overall, the website redesign helped Rachel to achieve her business goals and establish herself as a leading dating and relationship expert and matchmaker. We were grateful for the opportunity to work with Rachel and help her improve her online presence, and we look forward to seeing her continued success in the future.

This is a totally unsolicited testimonial for my web designer Ricardo de la Rosa! I am so grateful for his prompt turnaround, professionalism, and affordable services that I have used again and again!

I recently wanted to make some changes to my website and add a new landing page for NYC Matchmaking to complement my NJ Matchmaking page, and he delivered and delivered quickly! He also designed a new logo to match my Rachel Russo Relationships logo.

If anyone needs help with web design/SEO, I wholeheartedly recommend him and just referred him to someone else who is also happy with his work thus far! Check him out–and my new landing page too!

Thank you, Ricardo! 🙂


Professional and Responsive Web Design

Website Redesign

Logo Redesign

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